Blue goodness.

Hiiii! I'm so excited to be writing an outfit post again because it literally has been THAT long. A few months ago I was changed locations at work and now I work somewhere much further away and it's much windier place too so I struggle to keep up my pin up appearance as much. I often find myself with separate days off in the week thanks to shift work so I don't get as dressed up as often as I used to which is really sad.

I've been somewhat better recently but I have found myself no longer buying dresses and clothes and trying to make do with what I have in my wardrobe already. It's definitely been a couple of months AT LEAST since I last bought any new clothes which is incredible but it can feel a bit rubbish when you feel like you have nothing left to wear. On the other hand though, my bank balance is definitely thankful to me for this.

So now we are into October and the weather and temperature has dropped dramatically,this is going to be the last time I can truly get away with a summery type outfit. In all honesty, I really haven't prepared for the autumn and winter months AT ALL. I still have to go out and buy a coat and general winter clothes because the entirety of my wardrobe is pure summer. I'm really trying not to break my clothes ban but I do need to have a swift update.

I've really been looking at Collectif and Miss Candyfloss's A/W collections and they look so beautiful but I've recently just booked two holidays for next year (Jamaica and the US!!) so I'm in absolutely no position to buy new clothes at the moment. This does give me a chance to recycle and find some new use for clothes I haven't worn in a long time though, so there's that! 

I really am struggling to find my feet again in the vintage and blogging world but hopefully I'll be able to come through. 

Hair Flower - Loaned from a friend
Cardigan - Primark
Dress - old Lindy Bop
Belt - eBay
Shoes -B.A.I.T footwear